What is the Purpose of Bowling Gloves?

What Are Bowling Gloves For

Bowlers – from newbies to pros – use gloves to guard against injury; these accessories also help newbies develop a proper form while enabling advanced bowlers to maintain their form on the lanes.

Bowling gloves also offer support to injuries as I do. I injured my wrist doing a tow job therefore I rely on using bowling gloves for support and so that I don’t re-injure my wrist.

The following are a few other reasons why bowlers use bowling gloves:

  • A bowling glove gives the bowler a better grip on the ball. Many gloves for bowling are a bit sticky in the palm area and along the fingers.
  • It provides padding so you can have a better feel for the ball and still avoid hurting your skin.
  • It prevents calluses from forming as a result of friction between the hand and the ball.
  • Sweating and oil (from the ball) will no longer be a problem because the ball can be stabilized with the help of your glove.

Types of Bowling Gloves

There are different types of bowling gloves to cater to the different needs of each bowler. There are gloves that offer minimum support and there are also gloves that look like arm casts to accommodate the needs and bowling style of the user.

1. Fingerless Gloves

This one provides a natural feel to the hand because it allows more of the skin to come into contact with the bowling ball. However, the padding is still able to provide sufficient palm grip.

2. One Finger Gloves

The one finger glove can protect either the pointer or pinky as well as add grip. This kind of bowling glove features fingerless ring and middle fingers which are inserted into the holes of the ball.

3. Two Finger Gloves

This is the most popular type of bowling gloves and it features a fingerless ring and middle fingers. Both the pointer and pinky fingers have a grip surface to provide control to the other 2 fingers.

4. Finger Socks

These gloves often cover the thumb and still provide grip to the hand.

5. Full Wrist Gloves

The full wrist glove can be any of the other types mentioned above however it also features a wrist glove and attachment straps to provide support to the wrist as well as a locking mechanism so the hand can be in line with the forearm.

How Bowling Gloves Can Improve Your Game

Some people wonder if a bowling glove can make you better at your game. And it’s not just in bowling; it’s a question for nearly every sport. In bowling you often see the pros using a glove when they’re playing for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, a glove can help the bowler maintain a good form, which is crucial to how well you’re able to roll the ball off your hand. The proper grip is also necessary to be able to achieve more strikes and spares, and a good quality bowling glove provides extra gripping power so you can have more control of the ball.

The Importance of Bowling Gloves

Choosing a bowling glove is something you need to do correctly. There are many bowling gloves you can buy in stores and on the Web but your choice is crucial because it can affect your game.

So pick the right bowling glove and watch your scores improve.


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