How to Choose a Bowling Ball to Purchase

How To Choose A Bowling Ball

If you’re a newbie, you can get by using the balls in the bowling alley but there are many good reasons to get your very own ball. To begin with, having your own bowling ball helps you improve your game because you’re using a ball that has been chosen based on your playing style and preferences. Secondly, because it fits your hand, it will reduce your risk of injury. But this only leads us to the question: What type of bowling ball should I buy?

Choosing Bowling Balls

You don’t just pick a bowling ball randomly. There’s actually a science to it. When you’re ready to buy a bowling ball, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Choose a ball that matches your style.

People don’t bowl the same way so when you’re shopping for a bowling ball, you need to find one that fits your bowling technique and style.

2. A heavier ball is not always the best.

A common mistake newbie bowlers make is thinking that a heavier ball will increase their chances of achieving a strike but this is not always the case. If you’re an amateur bowler and you pick 16 lbs bowling balls, you actually risk getting injured. Besides, if the ball is too heavy for you, you won’t be able to control it.

3. Get recommendations from others.

Find someone who has a similar style as yours and ask them what they use. Find out why they picked a particular ball and if it helped improve their game. If possible, ask that person if you can borrow his ball so you can try it out. If you don’t know of anyone with the same bowling style and technique as your own, you can ask the pros for recommendations.

4. Consider the conditions of the lane where you will bowl frequently.

Lane conditions in bowling alleys aren’t created equal. Find out whether the bowling alley uses wood lanes or synthetic lanes, and if they have thick or thin oils. Pick a bowling ball that can handle the type of bowling lane and surface you will be using. You may need to buy 2 kinds of bowling balls if you play in a combination of lane conditions.

Getting Your Ball Drilled

If you have already found a bowling ball that you want (and assuming you followed the tips we’ve mentioned earlier), you can have it drilled at the pro-shop where you bought it. Make sure it will be drilled by a pro to get the right hole size. Other considerations are also important such as the positive axis point of the bowling ball, your track, as well as the center of gravity and pin.

After you’re done picking bowling balls and you finally have one customized for yourself, it’s time to go bowling. Take note that it’s going to be tighter than the bowling balls you’re used to but that only means one thing: your bowling ball fits you perfectly!

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