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Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Black Widow Assassin

Review By Chad R. Of Mobile Mechanic Hawaii

As an avid fan of the sport, I’ve had the opportunity to try several bowling balls. I’ve owned half a dozen balls in the last 3 years and spent over a thousand dollars on them but I have yet to find one that is as good as my Hammer Black Widow Assassin bowling ball.

Hammer Bowling, a company that is well known for producing the toughest bowling balls around, just released the Black Widow Assassin. It’s the latest under the Black Widow series and let me tell you, this thing has one heck of a BITE.

If you’re looking to buy a new ball and you’re thinking of getting the Black Widow Assassin, take a few minutes to read this review so you’ll learn more about its specs, features and drawbacks.

Product Specs

Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball Review