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What is the Purpose of Bowling Gloves?

What Are Bowling Gloves For

Bowlers – from newbies to pros – use gloves to guard against injury; these accessories also help newbies develop a proper form while enabling advanced bowlers to maintain their form on the lanes.

Bowling gloves also offer support to injuries as I do. I injured my wrist doing a tow job therefore I rely on using bowling gloves for support and so that I don’t re-injure my wrist.

The following are a few other reasons why bowlers use bowling gloves:

  • A bowling glove gives the bowler a better grip on the ball. Many gloves for bowling are a bit sticky in the palm area and along the fingers.
  • It provides padding so you can have a better feel for the ball and still avoid hurting your skin.
  • It prevents calluses from forming as a result of friction between the hand and the ball.
  • Sweating and oil (from the ball) will no longer be a problem because the ball can be stabilized with the help of your glove.

Types of Bowling Gloves (more…)

How To Choose Your Bowling Shoes

Choosing Bowling Shoes To Purchase

Anytime the topic of bowling equipment is discussed, there’s always a mention of bowling shoes. This only goes to show just how important bowling shoes are. If you want to become a good bowler, you need to invest in your own pair. There are bowling shoes you can buy for around $20 but if you want a quality pair that will not only last for a long time but will also help you become better at your game, then you might want to consider choosing bowling shoes that are on the pricey side.

Benefits of Buying Bowling Shoes

If you’re just a casual bowler (ie you’re at the bowling alley once a month or so) then perhaps renting is more practical for you. However, there are some major benefits to owning your own pair, such as:

1. Good fit. Because it’s your own shoes, they can provide you with the most support and comfort. It can be really frustrating trying to find rental shoes that fits you well. (more…)

How to Choose a Bowling Ball to Purchase

How To Choose A Bowling Ball

If you’re a newbie, you can get by using the balls in the bowling alley but there are many good reasons to get your very own ball. To begin with, having your own bowling ball helps you improve your game because you’re using a ball that has been chosen based on your playing style and preferences. Secondly, because it fits your hand, it will reduce your risk of injury. But this only leads us to the question: What type of bowling ball should I buy?

Choosing Bowling Balls

You don’t just pick a bowling ball randomly. There’s actually a science to it. When you’re ready to buy a bowling ball, keep the following tips in mind: (more…)