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What is the Purpose of Bowling Gloves?

What Are Bowling Gloves For

Bowlers – from newbies to pros – use gloves to guard against injury; these accessories also help newbies develop a proper form while enabling advanced bowlers to maintain their form on the lanes.

Bowling gloves also offer support to injuries as I do. I injured my wrist doing a tow job therefore I rely on using bowling gloves for support and so that I don’t re-injure my wrist.

The following are a few other reasons why bowlers use bowling gloves:

  • A bowling glove gives the bowler a better grip on the ball. Many gloves for bowling are a bit sticky in the palm area and along the fingers.
  • It provides padding so you can have a better feel for the ball and still avoid hurting your skin.
  • It prevents calluses from forming as a result of friction between the hand and the ball.
  • Sweating and oil (from the ball) will no longer be a problem because the ball can be stabilized with the help of your glove.

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